The passing of time haunts me. The hope for things that can be is diluted, and soured, by the passing of every unfulfilled day and every wasted season. “Cannot build my house” is an exhibition borne from my personal struggle to build something of value, something true to my creative ideals. 
I am deeply affected by half-built structures, specifically the ones that are not broken down, but that are allowed to decay over time, serving as poignant reminders of failed human endeavour. The exhibition concept draws from this sensitivity, consisting of an assortment of half-built, abandoned structures, contained within the walls of a square, classically proportioned structure. An oculus at the centre of the outer structure allows light to shine on the in-progress structures contained within.  
The half-built structures consist of stackable, oversized Lego-like  blocks, all equal in size. The blocks are to be moulded from paper mache clay. Newspapers, study notes, religious material and failed sketches will be brought to a pulp, moulded into blocks; a physical manifestation of the ideals they represent.

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