Design is in everything we make,
but it is also between those things.
It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling,
propaganda, and philosophy.
~ Eric Edigard
Design is often defined as the process of identifying a problem, formulating an answer and executing a solution. Design is about observing human behaviour and comprehending human needs. 
To truly understand human needs, designers have to ask the right questions; questions that may challenge perceptions and ways of doing things.Ultimately, designers should formulate a better way of thinking, doing and living, and should enchant us to such an extent that we embrace new and more enlightened ideas.
Studio Nesburg aims to confronts us with questions about our habitats, our culture and our beliefs, through objects and spaces that tell us stories about ourselves.
The studio was founded in 2020 by South African designer Johan Groenewald. Johan studied product and interior design in Milan and recently earned a Master's in Design from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, where his research focused on fostering human connection through virtual social experiences. 
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