If I were raised in the tropics, would I miss the cold?
 If I were born in the year 2100, would I know the cold? 
Would I know what it feels like to cozy up at home after spending a day outside in the cold rain and icy wind? Would I be familiar with the sense of security and comfort afforded by a warm blanket, flickering flames and a whistling teapot? 
-4 ºC is an installation concept that explores the emotions associated with experiencing coldness and seeking warmth and shelter. Our forefathers who had lived in temperate zones endured an annual fight against the cold, cursing it for the hardship it brought. Now that we can guard ourselves against the cold, we experience it differently. We are excited for winter to come, as we yearn for a refreshing cold breeze, the first snow of the season, our comfy sweaters, heavy knitted blankets and fireplaces. 
But through our species' exploitation of this planet, we may soon rob ourselves from experiencing the comfort of sheltering against the cold.         

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